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”Our campaign with BookTours360 produced fantastical, creative content that was perfect for our fantasy novel!”

Kirsten Weiss, Author of Legacy of the Witch and The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum

"The BookTours360 Team delivered as promised! The videos and images were perfectly suited to my book and posted on time. And I love that I got to keep copies of the images for my own use! They were a pleasure to work with."

Alexandra Monir, Bestselling Author of Realm of Wonders & The Final Six series

"I had the best experience with BookTours360°! They created the most stunning, gorgeous visuals around my book and contributed greatly to the buzz on launch week. Each of the hosts was a delight, and I look forward to more collaborations with them in the future!"

Jennifer Kropf, Author of Welcome to Fae Cafe & The Winter Souls series

”BookTours360° went well out of their way to make fantastic, beautiful posts that featured my book. It was thrilling to see the reels and all the hard work 360 put into them. I would highly recommend this tour company for authors wanting to make a big impact on social media. They were also so kind, they were happy to answer all my questions, and they posted everything on schedule. They are the perfect group of book enthusiasts to help spread the word about good books.”

Mera Jaye, Author of The Prisoners of Sirius

”I loved working with BookTours360 and I felt they showcased my book in a unique way.”

Miranda Lyn, Bestselling Author of The Unmarked Witch

”It was an absolute pleasure collaborating with BookTours360, as their seamless and efficient process truly stood out. Having engaged numerous book tour companies in the past, I was particularly delighted to witness their successful transition to catering to a TikTok audience. The team's remarkable blend of kindness and creativity significantly contributed to the overall experience. Anticipating their posts became a highlight, consistently exceeding my expectations. I wholeheartedly endorse this company not only for their exceptional outreach capabilities, but also for the kindness and the genuine warmth displayed by each member.”

S. McPherson, Author of the Fit for the Throne trilogy

”Working with BookTours360 was an absolute delight. They were so accommodating, thoughtful and friendly whilst maintaining a respectable level of professionalism. The whole process was seamless. They provide the perfect amount of support and exposure someone wants when putting together a book release. The promotional Reels, TikToks and images they did were spellbinding and I was blown away by each one.”

Day Leitao, Author of A Cursed Son

"The team at BookTours360 is communicative, professional, and enthusiastic, and it's clear that they put great care in their tours and want our books to succeed. I had a great time working with them."

Viola Tempest, Author of The Lost Daughters Trilogy

”I really enjoyed working with BookTours360°! They were super accommodating to what I needed, had excellent communication, and the entire process was very smooth and easy. I will definitely be utilizing their services again in the future.”

S. Drutter, Author of Broken

”I had the pleasure of collaborating with The BookTours360 Team for the promotion of my book through their Instagram advertising services.
Throughout the process, their team demonstrated professionalism and a keen understanding of social media marketing, which was evident in the quality of the ads they produced. While the ads were straightforward, they effectively communicated the essence of my book to the target audience, contributing positively to its visibility and reach.
The BookTours360 Team's approach was methodical and tailored, ensuring that the campaign aligned with my book's themes and my expectations. I appreciate their dedication to delivering satisfactory results and would recommend their services to authors looking to enhance their book's online presence. Their effort to maintain transparency and provide consistent updates throughout the campaign was particularly noteworthy, making the collaboration smooth and efficient.
Thank you, The BookTours360 Team, for your support and for playing a pivotal role in the journey of 'Broken'.”

Heidi & Erica Hastings, Authors of the Hades and Persephone dulogy

"We wanted to thank you all for the most amazing tour! You went above and beyond. Waking up and seeing your creative photos and reels was the highlight of our day and we feel very blessed to have found your company! One of my sisters called me this morning to let me know she had also seen your posts and was blown away by how creative you are! Thank you so much for an amazing week. If there is any place we can leave your company a 5 star or good review please let us know!"

Laura R. Samotin, Author of
The Sins on Their Bones

"Working with BookTours360 was an incredible experience—the content the team created was unique, original, and had great reach to readers who might love my book. I would absolutely work with them again on my next release!"

Tara Lynn, Author of Until the End of Our Forever

"Thank you to the BookTours360° crew for the amazing posts on TikTok regarding my novel. They all truly made my day brighter. I am glad I decided to work with your company to promote my book. It was a pleasure and I look forward to working with you again."

O. Bogosian Author of Iris: Birth of the Immortals

”Booktours360 has delivered beyond my expectations! Their creativity, enthusiasm and just overall energy to promote my book was just sheer excellence. As a first-time author, they definitely helped with understanding the genre and targeting that audience. I would highly recommend them as they are genuinely providing professional collaborations to increase traffic to your social media presence and book. I look forward to booking another tour with them in the near future. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next! Thank you again Booktour360!”

A.J. Eversley, Author of the Watcher series

”Thank you very much for promoting Watcher! The posts were beautifully done, got readers attention, and helped get my book in front of a new audience. And it definitely worked! Watcher was free on Kindle during the promotion time and moved up to #1 in all 3 genre categories!!
I will most definitely be using BookTours360 again for my next books.”

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